Virtual Staging
The answer to moving properties in the market cost-efficiently...

Why should you be virtually home staging?

If you’ve ever staged a home, you know the process can be time-consuming and expensive. Often, though, the cost more than pays off when you make that big sale. When buyers walk into a home, staging gives the buyer a concrete picture of the home’s potential, which often leads to the buyer making an offer. So why choose virtual home staging instead?

As mentioned above, 90% of buyers start their searches online. Often, it’s only after seeing photos online that a potential buyer calls an agent to set up an in-person visit. In fact, 85% of buyers say that photos are the most important factor when viewing a home online. 

For agents who are facing a time or money constraint, virtual staging provides the opportunity to have appealing photos online without the hassle of physically staging a home. Potential buyers will then keep those images in mind as they tour the home in person, visualizing furniture as they walk through the property.
As a result, virtually staging a home brings the same benefits that physical staging does, but at a fraction of the cost. The price tag for staging a home with rental furniture can start at $2,500, while you can get digitally staged photo of a room for $75 or less. Overall, virtual home staging is a cost-effective option to help sell homes.
Hiring an agency to virtually stage a room
IDEZIGNPROPERTIES is a website that allows agents to choose their own 3D furniture library. In this way, you get what you expect and paid for. We also provide promotional deals aside from the most affordable staging prices. Trust us with your photos and we can ensure you the leads in home selling. 
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